Personalized nutrition for everyone

Tummy creates personalized meal plans for you based on your unique dietary requirements, preferences, goals, and grocery budget.

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Loved by healthy eaters, nutrition coaches, and trainers worldwide.

5 / 5

"Since I started using Tummy, my clients are happier and more engaged with their meal plans. The platform is incredibly easy to use, and I love the ability to create unique meals that cater to their individual preferences!"

Laura S. - Nutrition Coach
5 / 5

I've been using Tummy's meal plans for a month. I just weighed myself and I'm already down 4 pounds!

Ricky - Tummy Member
5 / 5

Thanks Tummy for the current meal plans; they're really simple in terms of prep, which is something my schedule needs right now! I love the feature that lets me replace meals in a few seconds while maintaining my nutrition goals.

Heath J. - Tummy Member
5 / 5

Tummy has revolutionized my nutrition coaching business. My clients are consistently impressed by the personalized meal plans that factor in their preferences and grocery budget.

Mike R. - Certified Nutritionist

Perfect meal plans in minutes

Tummy factors in your favorite foods, nutrition goals, dietary restrictions, allergies, and grocery budget to design the perfect meal plan just for you

Personalized and budget-friendly meal plans

Create tailored meal plans based on your unique preferences, dietary restrictions, goals, and budget, while considering local food prices and seasonal produce in your city.

Optimized grocery lists and spending management

Tummy not only generates grocery shopping lists for each meal plan, but also optimizes them based on local food prices in your region (globally). This ensures you stay within your grocery spending budget, making healthy eating more accessible and convenient.

Diverse cuisine and skill-level customization

Tummy uses AI to design completely custom meals from virtually any cuisine, including creative fusion dishes. Tummy can follow culinary traditions, while adjusting the complexity and frequency of recipes based on your cooking skills and propensity.

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Unlimited specifications for personalized meal plans

Tummy takes personalization to the next level by accommodating an unlimited number of specifications for each meal plan. From dietary restrictions and allergies to specific nutritional goals and cuisine preferences, our platform ensures that every meal plan is truly tailored to your unique needs and tastes.

Budget and location-optimized grocery lists

With each meal plan, Tummy automatically generates a grocery shopping list that is optimized for your budget and location (works worldwide). By considering local food prices and regional availability, our platform helps your make cost-effective and environmentally conscious choices, without sacrificing the quality of your meals.

Comprehensive platform for meal plan organization and progress tracking

Tummy offers a user-friendly platform that allows you to seamlessly organize your meal plans, shopping lists, and progress all in one place. Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy to monitor adjust meal plans as needed o help you achieve your nutritional goals. With Tummy, you can manage your nutrition more efficiently and focus on what truly matters.

Simple, transparent pricing.

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